Meet House of Love Youth Home Founder and Executive Director, Julette Francis-Wade

Since 2004, House of Love has provided group homes and on-going support services for females between the ages of 12-25. We have been successful in addressing the needs of this population by providing a safe, loving and nurturing structured environment. We effectively serve females from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The young people we serve receive educational services, anger management groups, recreational services, employment training, life skills training, counseling services, mentoring and other services. The young women who enter our homes are taught how to succeed in life by a caring and professional staff. We attribute the success of our program to the spiritual principles on which we are founded.

Without homes like House of Love, our young women would not have any other options other than the streets, prostitution, drugs, etc.  As the ministry grows, House of Love continues to make progress in serving youth through its group home programs. The major accomplishments of our ministry are measured through the success of the young women we serve. The young women served through our ministry have improved their behavior, increased their academic performance, remained in school, and avoided criminal activities.

Our effectiveness is demonstrated through the success stories of our young women.

Success Stories