Success Stories

Meet Sharron, a young woman who lived at the Single Independent Living house.

Every young woman has learned something while being here. Each day they are growing in not just the daily tasks of living life, but in the reality that they have propose, are unique and worth more than they could comprehend through Christ. Each woman is given the opportunity to see how much they are cared about and for. The following are a few of the stories from the young woman who are being blessed by your support.

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Mary came into the program with her 2 children. At admittance to the program she struggled with her worth and having a man fulfill her needs both emotionally and physically. Her children were uncontrolled and ran the house. During her time with House of Love she has gained confidence in her parenting and taken control of her house. These children have started respecting her and responding to her love. She has learned to spend more quality time with them and to set healthy boundaries for their safety and development. This woman has seen her true worth and that she is to be treated as a prize.

Suzie did not know how to maintain her house and child. Since entering the program she has learned to take care of both with care and concern. Planning ahead to what the week may hold to properly main a healthy lifestyle for her and her child.
Jackie came to us not knowing anything about living on her own and had no self esteem in herself. During her time with us she has learned how to plan meals for the week, budgeting, how to properly maintain a house and that she has a reason to hold her head high. When she first came to us, she would not look you in the eye or express her feelings. Before she would not look up while walking or start a conversation with anyone. Now she walks with her head up and will start conversations with people she sees.

Testimonial/Success Story 1

“I was one of the residents of House of Love Youth Homes. I moved in the home on my 16th birth date. When I first came to the House of Love I was not sure of where I was in my life and what I wanted to do. I was very angry and confused.

“My stay at the House of Love has taught me good Christian values, how to manage money, how to make it in life, how to take care of my child, etc. I have learned how to be independent and self sufficient. I am now a productive member of society. I have a steady job and my own apartment.

“I am now 21 years old and I have a 2 year old child. I am able to take care of my baby because of the things that I learned while living at the House of Love. During my pregnancy I did not have a place to go and they took care of me, which meant a lot to me.”


Testimonial/Success Story 2

I aged out of the House of Love Youth Homes and was working as a Clerical Assistant at the main office for the group home. I am currently working as an Outpatient Intake at Columbia Saint Mary’s. I have been staying on my own for over a year now and trying to maintain my bills and stay in school. In the year of 2008, I graduated with high honors and a grade point average of 3.98. I have completed a full year of a college course program in business. I love to advocate for foster youth that is currently in foster care and afraid to speak out for themselves. I really enjoy giving back to youth and speaking out to the community about foster care. Voluntarily, I am in the Milwaukee chapter Youth Advisory Council. On this council we have traveled Washington D.C. Destination Future and other places to tell the story of our life. I began my foster childhood in 1994. I have been a ward of the state a little over 15 years. During this time I have been in a variety of foster homes. I have been in all types of abuses from physical, mental, emotional, and verbal. I also have been in a lot of group homes, The House of Love being the best. This group home has helped me get over a lot of fears. I believe that this is one of the best group homes in the State of Wisconsin! What the foster system means for me is hope for the future. I know I have a voice that people in this world would love to hear, and I would love for you to be a part of making a dream come true for me. I once heard; “If there’s an opportunity out there you need to go and grab it”. ~ Antwone Fisher

Testimonial/Success Story 3

A resident who aged out of the House of Love Youth Homes has had some exciting things going on in her life. In April 2009 she went to church with a staff member and enjoyed it so much that she joined church and gave her life to the Lord! Since then she has been regularly attending services and has been taking great strives to improving her attitude. As a senior in high school, she has done nothing but awesome work in 2009. She graduated in May 2009 from Rufus King High School with a 3.0 grade point average. She worked part-time while in high school. Her skills improved greatly and she has had excellent reviews from her boss. She went to the Army and graduated basic training in December of 2009. She is now going to college and has a place of her own. We wish her all the best in life.


Testimonial/Succes Story 4

Sarah came to House of Love at 17.  She had been removed from her family at age 4 because of physical abuse and then went on to be rejected by numerous foster homes because of uncontrollable behaviors. Depression and anxiety were her legacy after years of rejection and abuse. After just a few weeks following her placement at House of Love, she began to accept support from the staff,House of Love Youth Homes, Inc. Resident attending school regularly, graduated from high school and enrolled in college. She dreams of a career in electrical engineering. Because of our new independent living support program, Sarah will be able to continue receiving the love, support and guidance as she transitions to becoming a fully self-sufficient adult.